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Learning to code is a huge challenge -- both intellectually and motivationally. Our teacher-centric model provides the just right mentorship to meaningfully speed up your learning curve.


EngineHere offers a darn low price for live instruction. Our course prices range from FREE to $499. Developer Bootcamps (the next best alternative) typically charge $8,000 or more.


All EngineHere classes are conducted through our virtual classroom. Code from the comfort of your own house, a coffee shop, or even a commercial airliner (seriously this happened).

Student Stories

I have done bootcamps, open courseware, self study....they all have their challenges right out the gate and to completion. With EngineHere, the interaction and the live problem solving are just genius. From the first session it clicked.
Richard Singh, Python 101 Student

Having four hours every week of dedicated face to face time has been really helpful both in terms of being able to ask questions as well as giving some accountability to make sure I'm doing the exercises in a timely manner, rather than letting the rest of life get in the way.
Andrew Ward, Python 101 Student

I had previously tried other online courses to learn how to code. This was the first time that the more abstract concepts stuck, as I had a great instructor to talk me through the concepts and implementation when I had specific questions.
Tom Rohlf, Python 101 Student

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