Teacher Driven Code Education

A virtual classroom where teachers and students connect in real-time (live).

Our education platform translates the classic teacher-centric model of education to the online space. We've combined video chat with unique collaboration tools to make expressing code fun and easy.

The standard online education tradeoff (price vs. personalization)

Traditionally, on the low cost (or free) end, you have pre-recorded content of Massive Open Online Courses. These classes are great for hardcore self-starters. For many students, though, the mentorship of a live instructor can dramatically increase the learning curve.

On the high end, you have the hands-on model of developer bootcamps. These immersive programs are an intense and effective way to learn to code. However, few people have the money ($8,000+) and time (three months) to attend these offline programs.

EngineHere offers a new middle ground

We are carving out a new education model by merging the online accessibility and affordability of the Massive Open Online Courses with the live collaboration of instructor led bootcamps. The secret sauce here is our focus on larger group sessions.

Other online tutoring services concern themselves with one on one interactions. By emphasizing groups, we are able to offer a live teacher-centric classroom at a reasonable price.