About The Polywell Guy

Dr. Matthew J. Moynihan, holds a doctorate in engineering, with many years of experience working on targets for the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. My thesis was chaired by Riccardo Betti, winner of the 2009 Edward Teller Medal and the 2012 Ernest O. Lawrence Award. I founded The Polywell Blog in 2009, under the pen name John Smith. On the blog, I take obscure, hard-to-follow and disconnected science papers and explain them to the general public. I am very unique in this - and it is incredible hard to do. I have to use creativity, logic and clear writing skills to weave concepts together. I must organize them in a new way. Ultimately, there are many unknowns and many ways this machine could fail. Though the basic premise - an electric field heating ions to fusion conditions - is sound, scores of competing physical mechanisms may kill the idea. We need much more research dollars and many more research minds chasing this.



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