Learn web development in 5 weeks with a mentor

10 hours of live group class, plus 4 hours of private tutoring (Python & Django)

Enroll - $299

Refund Guaranteed (See FAQ)

Course Summary
Build a Django website, change your life

Learning to build web applications is an amazing life choice both in terms of expanding professional opportunities as well as for intrinsic, personal reward. With the free tools and platforms available today, a single person can create an app that touches thousands (if not millions) of lives.

However, learning to code is a huge intellectual and motivational undertaking. Most new students will inevitably find themselves stuck on a concept, discouraged, or distracted by the responsibilities of life.

Mentorship driven approach

This course will provide you with weekly guidance, support, and encouragement from an experienced software engineer to help speed up your learning curve and keep you on target. On Wednesday evenings, students will meet up virtually with an instructor in an online classroom. Group sessions will consist of a mix of lectures as well as question and answer segments.

1-on-1 Instruction

In addition to the weekly group sessions, each student will receive 30 minutes per week of 1-on-1 time with the instructor to address their specific questions and needs.


Our first session will be a review of Python, however, this course assumes that students have a working knowledge of the language. If you are unsure, check out the syllabus from our introductory Python course.

Students will be expected to dedicate 7 to 10 hours per week over the five week course.


The curriculum will roughly follow the e-book, Tango with Django, though we will heavily supplement it with outside materials.

Next Steps

For more information on the course, check out the syllabus and FAQ in the section below. Spots are limited to 20 students, so enroll now!

  • How many hours per week of work is required?
  • To actually learn to program from these courses, you will need to put in roughly 7-10 hours per week. That will include the 2-4 hours per week of group class time and private instruction (depending on the course). Expect to do 3-5 hours per week of coding on your own.
  • Am I the right skill level for this course?
  • This course is geared for intermediate students. Beginner courses assume zero prior knowledge and are meant for true novices (i.e. not a coder that wants to pick up a new language). Intermediate classes assume previous coding experience. Before you take an intermediate course, check out our intro to Python course for beginners and confirm that the general concepts are familiar (even if you know of them through other languages).
  • Are there any technology requirements?
  • EngineHere uses newer video technologies that depend on modern browsers. You will need to have Chrome or Firefox installed to participate in classes.You should also have video and audio installed on your computer (you're fine if Skype or Google Hangouts work for you).
  • Why is the course limited to 20 students?
  • Each class is conducted live between an instructor and a group of students. Student participation is a crucial part of the experience, so it is important that we limit the overall group size to a manageable number.
  • What is the refund policy?
  • This course is fully refundable up to 7 days after the first class session. Because space in the course is limited, we kindly ask that you try to limit refund requests to situations the course material is too advanced or basic for you, or something unexpected pops up in life or work.
Course Instructor

About the teacher  ·  Benjamin Plesser  

Prior to founding EngineHere, Ben spent the last couple of years as a full-stack web developer. He has built everything from recommendation engines to designing sign up flows on the front end.

Ben learned to program years before the current coding revolution. He relied on a combination of books and Google, though he wishes he had access to a mentor in those days to accelerate the process.

Live Virtual Classroom
  • Course Details
  • Begins Wednesday, Jan 15
  • 6:30pm to 8:30pm PST
  • Intermediate Level
  • 0 Hours Group Instruction
  • Weekly Private Instruction
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Course Reviews
I have done bootcamps, open courseware, self study....they all have their challenges right out the gate and to completion. With EngineHere, the interaction and the live problem solving are just genius. From the first session it clicked.
Richard Singh
Having four hours every week of dedicated face to face time has been really helpful both in terms of being able to ask questions as well as giving some accountability to make sure I'm doing the exercises in a timely manner, rather than letting the rest of life get in the way.
Andrew Ward
I had previously tried other online courses to learn how to code. This was the first time that the more abstract concepts stuck, as I had a great instructor to talk me through the concepts and implementation when I had specific questions.
Tom Rohlf